Technology plays the role of a catalyst in boosting business across various industries. Over the last few decades, the business dynamics has changed in myriad industries with the advent of technology. Let that be banking, or education, businesses have been able to deliver their services more effectively with the use of right technology.

At VolkSoft Technologies, our aim is to provide these businesses better ways to improve their processes by using the latest technologies. Over the last 2 decades, we have been catering to five major industries, and have mastered the domain knowledge of understanding the nuances of these industries.



From being web based to cloud, our product has accelerated educational institutes and powered them with technology to be more precise, accurate and agile in all their functions as an entity!

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Energy / Manufacturing

A slight error in calculation, or minute ignorance in supervision can mean millions of losses to a manufacturing unit, unless they automate and empower themselves with technology that not only helps them fail proof, but also makes them take informed decisions. VolkSoft has been instrumental in building such business critical technology for several manufacturing clients.

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